LYNDON FREARSON - General Manager

As General Manager, Lyndon brings a wealth of experience in electrical engineering design and project management to CAT Projects. This includes time in the heavy industry and automotive manufacturing sector, covering roles in project management, engineering and production management, and over five years in the renewable energy sector, including work on the highly successful Bushlight project, developing and managing the capital works program and subsequently as Engineering Manager.  

During his time with CAT Projects Lyndon has developed extensive experience implementing medium to large scale infrastructure projects including three of the largest solar power plants in Australia while also serving as the Superintendent and Principal Project Manager for the Alice Springs Aquatic Centre, an $18M state of the art indoor aquatic centre.

Lyndon’s other work with CAT Projects includes the development of the Alice Solar City program prior to its launch and project managing the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre.

Lyndon, who was recently awarded the Young Professional Engineer of the Year Award for the Northern Division 2011 by Engineers Australia, is a National board member of the Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society; represents Australia on Tasks 8 and 13 of the International Energy Agencies’ Photovoltaic Power Systems program; and is a respected advisor to Commonwealth and State/Territory Governments on alternative energy policy development. 


PAUL RODDEN - Senior Engineer

Paul has almost a decade’s experience in the renewable energy industry, in particular with the technical and logistical aspects of rural electrification through renewable energy, as well as commercial and remote area project management. This includes over five years as Capital Works Manager for the highly successful Bushlight project in Australia where he coordinated the system installation program - commissioning around 100 Bushlight systems in this time - and the ongoing development and procurement of Bushlight system hardware.

Paul was also senior engineer for the award winning Bushlight India project, coordinating the design and installation of renewable energy systems in a number of remote villages and the design, development and manufacturing of key system hardware in collaboration with Indian NGOs, renewable energy industry and government partners. This included leading the development of the innovative demand side management hardware that sits at the heart of the Bushlight India Model.

Paul has considerable experience in the design, installation, operation and maintenance of renewable energy and hybrid power systems for both off- and on-grid applications, including large, commercial grid-tied systems, project management and the logistics of remote energy system installation and maintenance.


OLIVER FITZ-HENRY - Senior Project Manager

Oliver has over 20 years experience working as a project manager and structural engineer in both the commercial and humanitarian sectors with particular expertise in structural analysis and code compliant design and construction management, stakeholder consultation and community participation, housing and infrastructure reconstruction projects, dry and liquid waste management, and program coordination including demographic assessment, planning & design.

Prior to CAT Projects, Oliver has held positions with Oasis Uganda, Tearfund UK, Ministry of Planning and National Development of the Republic of Maldives, and Arup Pty Ltd, while some of his previous work as a project manager has involved founding, resourcing and monitoring and evaluation of a micro‐enterprise development project and managing housing reconstruction following tsunami devastation.

Oliver has extensive experience working in remote areas with disadvantaged communities and has worked in Uganda, the Maldives, Indonesia, Albania and Kosovo.


MICHAEL TUCKWELL - Senior Project Manager

Michael has extensive experience working in the community development sector as well as the renewable energy industry, in particular the technical and social aspects of rural electrification, including the development and application of consultative community based energy planning and system design processes, and the establishment of renewable energy based community mini‐grid systems and remote village electrification programs.

Past roles include manager of the Community Engagement Support team with the highly successful Bushlight project in Australia and over three years working with a grassroots NGO in eastern India managing their village energy program, including the establishment of a number of renewable energy based community power systems.

As Manager of the award winning Bushlight India Project, Michael oversaw the adaptation of the Bushlight energy service delivery model for use in an Indian context. This involved active collaboration with Indian NGOs, the Indian renewable energy industry and Indian government agencies; the development of project specific demand side management hardware; and the full implementation of the model in the field, including the establishment of a number of systems in remote villages in central‐eastern India.



EMMA CHESSEL - Project Manager

Emma has a background in environmental science and experience in energy auditing, sustainable building design, and renewable energy system design.

Before coming to CAT Projects, Emma worked as a Senior System Designer with the successful Bushlight Project in Australia, designing robust stand‐alone renewable energy systems for remote indigenous communities with a focus on appropriate technology. During her time at Bushlight Emma was heavily involved in the design of new energy management hardware being developed at the time.

She has also worked on design and implementation of standalone solar systems in East Timor and has spent time with a local appropriate technology NGO in Papua New Guinea.

Her work experience also includes First Rate, NatHERS and renewable energy advice at Sustainable Built Environments, and energy auditing for commercial and domestic buildings with Easy Being Green.

Emma has an educational background in environmental science, as well as training in renewable energy systems design and installation. She has a Certificate IV in Training and Education and has been involved in the development of training and educational resources used in the Remote Area Power Supply maintenance training program run by the Centre for Appropriate Technology Inc.


Peter Young - Project Engineer

Peter Young has over 5 years experience providing project management and civil engineering services and while with CAT Projects has been responsible for coordinating and managing large scale commercial projects such as the Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre as well as smaller assignments such as the expansion of the CCTV and solar security street lighting in Alice Springs.

Prior to working with CAT Projects he was employed with the engineering firm GHD in the urban development group in Canberra and Alice Springs where he was involved in water and wastewater projects in remote areas around central Australia. These include the design and documentation for Hermannsburg Community’s water reticulation main, the design and documentation for the upgrade of Yuendumu and Amooguna Communities’ wastewater stabilization ponds, and civil works at the Alice Springs Correctional Centre.

Peter also has international development work experience after recently returning from Tonga where he worked as a Construction Engineer at the Tongan Ports Authority, where he assisted in delivering several projects including the expansion of the container port facilities. He also assisted in compiling the Port’s security database management system and the preparation of proposals for funding to upgrade pilot boat services, plant and equipment.


Ga Rick Lee - Project Engineer

Ga Rick has several years experience in the renewable energy and power industries. Prior to commencing work with CAT Projects, Ga Rick was a Senior Program Officer at the WA Government’s Office of Energy working on renewable energy incentive programs. In this role, Ga Rick conducted analyses of renewable energy projects to determine their realistic technical, environmental and economic feasibility. He was also instrumental in the development and implementation of program processes and materials for the WA Solar Schools Program.

Ga Rick has also worked as a Systems Engineer for OSI, a company that supplies automation solutions for monitoring and controlling electrical substations, power plants and transmission and distribution grids.