CROWNE PLAZA ALICE SPRINGS (photo by Steve Strike)Crowne Plaza Alice Springs

CAT Projects was awarded the 2009 Northern Division Engineering Excellence Awards for the implementation of the large scale roof mounted solar power plant that supplies clean energy to Crowne Plaza Alice Springs (CPAS.) At the time of installation the 304kWp CPAS solar system was Australia's largest grid connect system, and the project broke new ground by establishing the large scale system as an integrated retrofit that complemented the existing building structure.

CAT Projects developed high level specifications for a solar power system that would meet multiple client requirements: that the system output would significantly offset hotel consumption, that the installation would complement the building aesthetics, that the system be presented to hotel clients in a meaningful way and that performance monitoring be automated for remote assessment. CAT Projects managed a national public tender process for this project, resulting in a quality outcome and significant cost savings for the client.

The tender was drawn in a performance-based format, that provided certainty for the client, and allowed a meaningful comparison between proposals. The CPAS solar power system is a high profile component of a comprehensive gas, water and electricity efficiency program deployed across the hotel, which is in line with its aims to reduce consumption by 20, 30 and 40 percent respectively. The installation demonstrates the potential for large scale solar plants to integrate seamlessly into the form and function of existing buildings.

The project received funding from the Australian Government Department of Environment Water Heritage and the Arts, through the Solar Cities program as one of the Alice Solar City Iconic Projects.

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