Darwin International AirportDarwin International Airport

In early 2009 CAT Projects was engaged by Northern Territory Airports to evaluate and assess available options for the installation of a renewable energy power system at the international airport in Darwin.

An initial site assessment was completed evaluating potential technolgies, possible locations for elements of a renewable energy system, how a system would be connected to existing infrastructure and possibilities for integration into the structures already in place.

A cost benefit analysis was performed which examined costs associated with supply and installation, operation and maintenance as well as an evaluation of expected payback period on capital outlay.

The final report and recommendations included a brief overview of expected output from the system, the potential for future refurbishment or upgrades and provided a benchmark by comparing other power stations.

In early 2011 a review of the initial feasibility assessment was performed at the request of the client to re-examine and update assumptions previously made and confirm whether initial recommendations are still relevant.