Mutitjulu Aged Care Centre

The Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing engaged CAT Projects to assess the requirements of the existing grid to upgrade in-line with proposed load additions due to new infrastructure.

As part of delivering this service CAT Projects completed a desktop study of the existing power system (provision of electricity, water and sewerage) and the proposed new buildings and infrastructure. Current and future energy consumption and associated costs (average and peak) were estimated along with energy consumption of the proposed aged care facility and accompanying staff accommodation.

An evaluation of capital and operational costs associated with power system upgrades to provide supply for electricity, water and sewerage services identified appropriate technical solutions for energy supply to the new facilities examining the possibility to include renewable energy in the mix. 

A subsequent site visit to Mutitjulu was necessary to gather information concerning the high and low voltage reticulation, transformers and power house before submission of the final report which provided a complete assessment of works required to ensure continued and reliable energy supply within the community.


Mutitjulu Swimming Pool

In 2010, CAT Projects was engaged by the Central Land Council to perform an infrastructure assessment and utilities requirement for the proposed new community pool at Mutitjulu. CAT Projects has since been engaged to project manage the development of the pool with construction expected to start in the later part of 2011.