CAT Projects’ role in the Australian Government’s National Solar Schools Program (NSSP) has been to develop and administer specifications for data management that allow the program to realise its educational goals and wider objectives. The NSSP is an initiative of the Commonwealth Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA) that provides grants to schools to install solar power systems and other energy efficiency measures, giving them a head start in the fight against climate change.

DEWHA engaged CAT Projects to specify the technical standards that enable school solar power installations to deliver the program’s objectives for presenting information to school students about the impact of energy efficiency measures, and the science of solar power generation.

The specifications define a technical framework for metering, data communication, storage and data visualisation that delivers reliable and accurate data on solar system performance and school loads to students, in a meaningful and accurate interface. The specifications have also implemented a level of standardisation that extends the value of collected data.

CAT Projects conducted extensive industry consultation as the basis for the specifications, which are articulated in a performance-based format to accommodate industry current practice and deliver value to schools.

To complement the specifications, CAT Projects administers a list of pre-approved components.