CAT Projects specialises in remote area project management, energy and power system engineering, and community and stakeholder engagement. We place particular value upon client communication, innovation and stakeholder consultation. CAT Projects capability statement.

Feasibility studies

Rigorous analysis and principles of engineering are employed to give clients an understanding of the best way forward including details concerning economic viability, key risks and overall practicality. We have a good understanding of technical and economic drivers in remote regions and how they apply to a national context and we draw upon this knowledge when working in urban locations.  A selection of projects we have performed feasibility studies for include:

Project and program management

CAT Projects has the capacity to manage projects from inception and design through to procurement and onto final delivery, or any interim stage of the project management process, on behalf of clients. Since its inception, CAT Projects has worked with local, state and Commonwealth governments, non-profit organisations and a variety of private clients to deliver a range of projects and programs.  

CAT Projects has recently provided project management services for the following:

Infrastructure option assessments

When you are considering whether or not to go ahead with a project, CAT Projects can deliver detailed and thorough assessments of all available options. We provide recommendations to give a clear picture of practical, economic and technical issues associated with the proposed solutions. We have a strong appreciation of the operations of Government in these activities and have successfully worked with clients to maximise benefits from available funding. 

Community planning and training

CAT Projects export the skills and intellectual property built up over decades of working with Indigenous communities. This includes community and stakeholder consultation to tailor and deliver programs which directly affect livelihoods such as community energy efficiency, electricity supply and water use.  

Projects for which community engagement has been a key aspect include:

Educational and communication resources

CAT Projects can develop and produce tailor-made education and communication resources to assist clients to engage all stakeholders involved in a project. The resources can range from technical specifications and integrated user manuals through to the easy to understand, image based presentation of technical information in charts, posters, manuals and other education and planning resources, designed specifically to help demystifying technology for non-technical end-users. To date resources have been developed for a range of projects including: