CAT Projects staff are involved in several boards and taskforces including those listed below.

Green Energy Taskforce NT

CAT Projects, represented by Lyndon Frearson, is a member of the Green Energy Taskforce which was established in 2009 as part of the Northern Territory Government’s Climate Change Policy to provide expert advice on the development of renewable and low emission energy and products in the Territory. As part of developing a longer term renewable energy strategy for the NT key goals have been identified for the taskforce to achieve in 2010; these include

  • The development of a proposal for the substitution of diesel generation with renewable energy in remote communities examining financing and funding options;
  • An evaluation of the feasibility of renewable technologies such as geothermal, solar, biomass and tidal for use within the Territory.

The Taskforce works closely with the Centre for Renewable Energy at Charles Darwin University.


Australian Solar Energy Society

The Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES) is a not-for-profit organisation with the following objectives:

  • Scientific, social & economic development through the environmentally sound utilization of solar energy and other renewable energies;
  • Investigation into the operation and development of solar energy applications and other potential renewable energy applications;
  • The development of viable renewable energy industries in Australia and New Zealand;
  • The generation and dissemination of information on current and future renewable energy developments to members and potential members;
  • Influence on government policies which may impact upon the present and future and
  • The development of renewable energy applications.

Lyndon Frearson, General Manager of CAT Projects, represents our organisation on the elected Board which governs the socierty. The society has branches across Australia and an affiliate organisation in New Zealand; AuSES is an affiliate Section of ISES, the International Solar Energy Society.


Australian PV Association

The Australian PV Association (APVA) is a group of companies, agencies, individuals and academics with an interest in photovoltaic solar electricity research, technology, manufacturing, systems, policies, programmes and projects. In addition to Australian activities the APVA provide the structure through which Australia participates in an International Energy Agency (IEA) programme called PVPS (Photovoltaic Power Systems, which in turn is made up of a number of activities concerning various aspects of photovoltaics.

The association focuses on data analysis, independent and balanced information and collaborative research, both nationally and internationally; work is intended to be apolitical and of use to members and the general community.

CAT Projects has been involved in the development and submission of applications for funding in future projects.


Commonwealth Government Independent Panels

Members of CAT Projects have been engaged by the Commonwealth Government to sit on independent advisory panels for various programs to ensure that resulting projects demonstrate best practice and produce results that will influence future policy.