Ti-Tree, Kalkarindji & Lake Nash

As part of the Northern Territory Government's committment to essential services across the Territory the Department of Regional Development, Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources (DRDPIFR) enlisted CAT Projects to manage the develop and manage Expressions of Interest (EOI) to identify renewable energy technologies that would be appropriate to the three remote communities of Ti Tree, Kalkarindji and Lake Nash.

All advertising, receipt and handling of responses to the EOI and management of EOI assessment was the responsibility of CAT Projects with input received from DRDPIFR. CAT Projects explored alternatives with input from Power and Water Corporation (PWC), the sole utility supplier in the NT, to ensure that existing supply and grid infrastructure would not be adversely affected by the proposed installations.

A comparitive technical assessment of the applicability of the proposed technologies at the sites nominated during the assessment process was completed. Financial modeling that took into account capital costs, operating and maintenance costs, electricity buy-back rates, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and financing and ownership options was also undertaken.

CAT Projects has made a recommendation to the NT Government concerning the selection of a contractor to install renewable energy systems in the three communities and initial works will soon be underway.