Just south of Alice Springs is the Uterne, 1 MW grid-connected solar PV power farm commissioned by Power and Water Corporation and officially opened in June 2011. The Uterne solar farm came about through a consortium/partnership between the Alice Solar City project, Power and Water Corporation, the Department for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and SunPower. It is the third large scale iconic project installed in Alice Springs under the Alice Solar City Project, the largest tracking solar power station in Australia, and a major aspect of Power and Water’s commitment to renewable energy.

The installation and commissioning of the Uterne system is the culmination of four-years of planning and development and it is hoped that this is ground breaking project will help form the basis for the future development of solar technology in Australia. 

CAT Projects was engaged to carry out the initial feasibility study for the project and subsequently undertook all of the original design and procurement. CAT Projects was also involved in the development of the interpretive centre located on site.

CAT Projects would like to congratulate Power and Water and their commitment to the use of solar power on the opening of this iconic power station, and is committed to helping grow Alice Springs’ reputation as an “Australian Solar City”.